Recharge by Battery Materials Review

Recharge Feb 2022 (Nickel, Lithium, LGES, Solid State, China, Altilium Group)

February 14, 2022

In February's edition of Recharge, co-presenters Matt Fernley (Battery Materials Review) and Cormac O'Laoire (Electrios Energy) round up all of January's news, discussing the nickel squeeze, the difficulties of adding capacity in lithium, the LG Energy Solutions IPO, Solid state batteries, and the latest Gigafactory announcements.

This month's interview is with Chris Gower, Chief Executive of Altilium Group. In a wide-reaching discussion Chris talks about the difference between his company's nickel production tech and other solutions such as HPAL and NPI/Matte, as well as some of the issues impacting the development of Indonesian nickel production.

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